Experienced Safety Consultants:

Training & Recognition

Cobalt Safety Consulting Inc. provides training services performed by experienced trainers and former inspectors.

Safety in a program is not safety in the field - We take your training needs seriously and work to ensure that              health and safety understanding and learned skills transfer into your workplace.

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new worker:safety basics courses

Basic Safety Training


WHMis 2015

WHMIS 2015 (Workplace Hazard Materials Information System) is required by every worker in your workplace who may use or come in contact with WHMIS materials.

Our Consultants will provide the new Canadian WHMIS 2015 training in the comfort of your workplace. Certificates will be issued directly to your workers.

First Aid

Emergency First Response


General Course Description

Why do we say “general course outline”? Because although all the core concepts and skills will be taught, we can also tailor the course to the needs and working environment of private clients.


The Pre-Hospital Environment

*Role of the Responder * Minimizing Infection  * Post-Incident Procedures

Scene Management

*  Personal Safety * Triage * Mechanism of Injury * Patient Assessment

Airway Management

* Recognition of respiratory Problems   * Choking * Oxygen O2

Basic Life Support

* CPR (1 and 2 person)



Circulation and Shock

* Recognition and care of Bleeding * Shock


* Bone/Joint * Head * Spinal & Pelvic * Chest * Burns


* Heat Stroke & Dehydration * Hypothermia

Medical Related Emergencies

* Heart Attack * Diabetes * Stroke * Anaphylaxis * Seizures


* Falls (suspension trauma) * Crush Injuries

* Impalement *Amputations * Critical Incident

Time: 8 hours          Cost: $175 per person



Management & Supervisor Training


Supervisor Due Diligence

This course is a Cobalt Safety exclusive course taught by Former Ministry of Labour Inspector and Trainer Kevin Brown.

“This course was very informative, interesting and gave a lot of excellent examples. Great interaction with the audience”  10  - MH Loblaws

"Excellent 1/2 day session yesterday. Great presenter. I would sign up in a heartbeat and bring as many as my budget allows.” –City of Port Colborne


Director and Executive Level training

Recently  Directors, Program Managers, and Officers of companies have seen an increase in large fines or even criminal convictions and prison terms being issued by the Ministry of Labour in Ontario.

What are the roles, relationships and methods required to protect yourself, your staff and the company.

What really is Due diligence, and how does a company not only achieve it but prove it. 

These and many others conversations are the most important top down methods that executives need to learn and understand.  This course is taught by Former Ministry of Labour Inspector Kevin Brown and is a Cobalt Safety Exclusive course. 


Real World Skill Trainings


Coming Soon Cobalt Health and Safety Training Masterclasses for safety professionals.

Taught by former Ministry of Labour Inspectorate peer trainer Kevin Brown this course is meant to provide the foundations of safety. It's not for the faint of  heart, you will break down the Act the regulations, safety systems basic and advanced accident investigations, leadership skills and so much more...


Trenching and Excavation Safety

There is a course that is needed in the excavation and sewer water main industry that teaches what workers and supervisors need to know. We assume they know it but after this course they will. 

4 hours will breeze by and this course is very engaging and taught by industry experienced trainers.