COVID-19 and Your Business

Managing COVID-19 in the Workplace

Are you a business owner that is having challenges navigating today’s workplace challenges? Are you unfamiliar with your workplace obligations set in by the Ministry of Labour through the ESA, Green Book and the numerous other employment acts in Ontario? Cobalt Safety is here to help.

Our team provides, advice, guidance, leadership, safety practices and much more for navigating the tough times Covid-19 has presented.

Covid-19 has been an incredible challenge for each of us as individuals and it has also provided a major challenge of managing our workforces as well. Whether you’re an office work environment that has had to move into a remote work environment, a restaurant that has been hit hard with the isolation practices that are needed, a retail business that depends on traffic, a manufacturing/distribution plant with close work area’s or a construction/construction related organization that is still open for business the challenges of keeping your workforce safe while following the law’s that are put in place by the Employment standards act, MOL and the Gov’t have become incredibly challenging to keep up with.

Below you will find helpful tools to navigate the various challenges that we are all facing through Covid-19.

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8 Essential Workplace Practices

Also, be sure to check out our video of 8 essential workplace practices you should be incorporating during this time.

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