Supervisor Due Diligence


Supervisor Due Diligence

Imagine if you will, a serious workplace accident has occurred, it should never have happened.

The Police are on scene, the Ministry of Labour Inspectors are on their way and you are asking yourself what happens next?

Am I going to be charged? Do we have the things we need?  Are they going to be okay? Can we defend ourselves?   What do we do now?

General Course Description

  • The Real Costs of Safety
  • Actual WSIB Incident and Accident statistics
  • The Internal Responsibility System and How and Inspector sees your workplace
  • Employer responsibilities
  • Supervisor Responsibilities
  • Supervisor Due Diligence what is it and how to achieve it
  • Worker Rights and Reprisal laws
  • Roles of the Ministry of Labour and partner organizations
  • OHSA fines and penalties including the criminal code
  • Supervisor legal note-taking
  • Hazard identification and control methods
  • Progressive discipline, union environments, and subcontractor management
  • Power of the Ministry of Labour and tips on dealing with them successfully.

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What People are Saying

  • Excellent knowledge base, very positive, fun, interactive presentation! Gave a huge confidence for me moving forward. Thank you great job!

    C.M. Township Supervisor
  • Great presentation, very engaging. Very informative, emphasized the importance of being safe and how to carry it out in the workplace!

    M.L. Municipal Supervisor
  • Very enlightening course. Brought to light information that was known but not really understood. It is quite clear now. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who may be in a supervisor or management position.

    D.M. Municipal Supervisor
  • What a great confidence gainer so that this position can be done with the proper frame of mind.

    G.T. Heavy Civil Construction Supervisor
  • Very Well Explained. I have a much better understanding now!
    Thank you very much Kevin!


    T.U. Industrial Supervisor
  • Excellent! Informed me of the responsibilities of a supervisor and how to make sure to keep yourself and your workers protected.

    T.F Plumbing Supervisor
  • Very informative and useful real world information that I think will help me build on my supervisory skills in the future.

    K.T. Plumbing Supervisor
  • The information in this course on how to be a good supervisor was amazing!

    A.R. Sewer Watermain Supervisor
  • The course was a real eye opener, very informative and well presented.

    K.A. Construction Supervisor
  • Well spoken and easy to understand. Everything that was explained I understood well.

    M.O. Construction Supervisor
  • I've taken similar courses in the past that were very text book. However, this course was very interesting and lots of open communication.

    J.B. Mechanical Trade Supervisor
  • Excellent presentation and kept everyone engaged. I also enjoyed not being taught my job through fear like other trainers do.

    T.T. Industrial Supervisor
  • I really enjoyed this course. With the position that I'm in I realize that there is more to be done on my end going forward. I would highly recommend to any supervisor to take this course.

    D.W. Fire Chief
  • Excellent course and teacher. Very informative, well laid out, never boring (thanks in large part to the teacher)

    R.C. Supervisor
  • Although I'm not a supervisor this session was very helpful to understand the roles and responsibilities they have. The instructions and information was clear and understandable. A lot of tips being shared due to the provider having an abundance of knowledge and experience to share!

    C.U. Worker Safety Rep
  • I highly, highly recommend this course to others within our organization.

    T.S. Township Supervisor
  • This course brought to light lots of information. It was professionally explained,and very engaging. Presenter has vast amounts of safety knowledge and experience. Great stories and real examples. Even after all these years in the industry I now see safety in a completely different light. On behalf of myself and my company that was amazing!

    M.T. CEO
  • Sal is great. Made everyone feel comfortable during the training and I feel more confident working at heights after the training I've done today

  • Provided a great understanding of the safety requirements of a supervisor, and the employer. The understanding will help protect the company, supervisors, and employees. Very fluid presentation and easy to understand.

    E.S Coke Canada
  • Good information best flow in training courses I have ever attended. Workplace Supervisor notebook was an excellent tool that was provided as it fills what I consider to be my biggest gap.


    T.W. Industrial Supervisor
  • Loved the course as there was a lot of useful info and tips on how to improve the culture.

    J.D Coca Cola Canada
  • Amazing Course! A great eye-opener. I wish every supervisor or potential supervisor had an opportunity to attend this course.

    T.W. Coca Cola Canada


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