Working At Heights


Working At Heights

Can you spot the Error in this photo? After Your course you'll know exactly where it is.

You or your staff deserve the best.

We have all had those boring courses by listless instructors. You won't find them here at Cobalt Safety! We aspire to bring you the best training possible. Therefore, all of our trainers have undergone an intensive Instructor Trainer program with a minimum 90 hours of real supervised classroom training exposure, before being certified to teach.

They work in the field day to day and bring their real life experiences, stories and lessons to every class. You won't believe some of the things they see!

Working at Heights is designed to provide the real skills and knowledge to perform work safely when there is exposure to fall hazards maybe even save a life. 

Cobalt Safety Working at Heights is a Chief Prevention Officer approved provider.

General Course Description

Part One: Basic Theory
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Fall Hazard Recognition and Controls
  • Warning Methods and Physical Barriers
  • Ladders and similar equipment
  • Intro to Personal Fall Protection Equipment

Part Two: Practical equipment

  • Understanding Personal Fall Protection Equipment
  • Anchor Points
  • Fall Prevention and Rescue Plans
  • Immediate First Aid for a Fallen Worker

Downloads & Materials

Training Course Dates

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What People are Saying

  • Sal was very fun. This course was put together very well!



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