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Cobalt Safety Introduces Its Newest Course!

Emergency First Response!

"when seconds count you could be the difference in the lives of others"

Imagine if you will, a serious workplace accident has occurred, or you’re with your
family or friends and someone yells for help!
The construction industry and life in general is full of hazards everywhere we
Traditional first aid courses are designed for low-risk urban settings where risk is minimal.
In construction though, we know that both the likelihood and severity of illness or
injury is greater due to the nature of the activities we engage in and the
environment we work in.
The situation is then compounded by the extended period of time to definitive care,
meaning YOU as the responder must be able to deal with the casualty for longer.


Don't wait or put this off any longer!

  • Are you tired of burnt out trainers and the puppy mill method of training in Ontario?
  • Are you a professional company and do you deserve professional training at reasonable prices?
  • Do you believe in doing it right the first time? then;

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My name is Kevin Brown and as a former Ministry of Labour Inspector in this Province I’ve already found  the best interactive First Aid course in Ontario called Emergency First Response!

To make sure your workers only receive the best training from Cobalt Safety Consulting, our trainer is a former Canadian  (CSOR) Jump Medic & Advanced Combat Care Technician who has served our country in various combat deployments around the world. Talk about real life on the job training! We are honored to be able to bring his experience to your teams.

You can attend our courses or we'll come to your workplace if it's easier. We can even train on the weekends if needed.

Feel Free to contact me personally with any questions or to book your course at 647-444-0700 Kevin

Safety Information!
This course involves both theoryand practical portions.
Participants will be on the ground, physically active and may engage in heavy lifting.
Those with injuries or medical conditions are  asked to get physician’s approval prior to
taking the course.Participants are asked to wear clothes that can get dirty as the use of fake washable
blood is used during the course.Anyone who may have issues with fake blood
or simulated injuries is asked to notify the instructor ahead of time.



Close up of group of multi-ethnic construction workers wearing hard hats and safety glasses.  Focus on African American man (30s).

Workplace Safety Management

You can have a full time experienced safety consultant to implement or assist with the implementation of your Health and Safety Program.  Our team are trained to know how to establish a functioning program, implement it on site, manage workers and subcontractors and document all the due diligence. 

Team members are also available for plant work, shutdown work and temporary assignments. Give us a call.

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Policy & Program Development

We will tailor-make your Safety Policies and Program based on the distinct needs of you, your team, and your business.


Accident & Incident Investigations

Professional accident investigation takes a real understanding of what information needs to be presented - and in what way.

Improve Your Existing Programs with Newly Developed Ideas

Our Safety Consultants will work with you and your team to help you meet your health and safety requirements.

We work towards improvement through the implementation of your Health and Safety program, or through the development of new programs based on the Cobalt Safety System which has expanded to include vital due diligence requirements.

Health & Safety Audits

Not only do we provide guidance along the way, but we work directly on-site to provide a worksite/workplace audit of your Health and Safety system and programs - so you can determine where to target your resources on the path to changing the safety culture.

Health & Safety Policies - Customized for You

Work with a professional, full-time safety consultant to implement training programs - we are your one-stop for experienced safety professionals you can depend on.