Experienced Safety Consultants:


Our Safety Consultants will work directly with you and your worksite teams to help you meet your health and safety requirements.

We work towards improvement through development of new programs based on the Cobalt Safety System™ which has due diligence built right into it.

The COR program is quickly becoming the new standard to which companies will have to meet in the Construction sector of Ontario. See our website section under COR.

We understand that the primary purpose of a consultant is to improve our clients business; let us improve yours:


Health & Safety Policy Program Development

We design your Safety Policies and Program based on the simple to follow and use Cobalt Safety System™ with your company logos and branding.

This system is a hybrid system developed on the Elements of COR, 18001, and focused Due Diligence. It is written and designed for an  easy understanding of information and implementation.

Your Safety System is a key business system like your accounting system and will provide a professional document and image to your clients.

We also offer training in the implementation of this program and its use.

Supervisor Due Diligence Training

Real answers and inside information taught by former Ministry of Labour Inspector.

The supervisor due diligence course is a Cobalt Safety one of a kind course that provides supervisors with real actionable strategies and information they need in order to protect their own personal due diligence, along with your company's due diligence, in the event of an incident, accident or Ministry of Labour initiated prosecution.

This course is taught by Kevin Brown a former Ministry of Labour Inspector and Ministry of Labour Peer Trainer in the Province of Ontario. Your supervisors will have the opportunity to hear this unique inside perspective and the open floor interactive training allows them to ask the questions they need with real world examples and accurate information.

What supervisors are saying about this course!

"Very informative! I gained a lot of valuable information that I plan to take forward with me. One of the best courses I've been to in terms of things I took away from it! Chris City of Cambridge

"Good course, well presented. Makes you think on how to protect yourself and all those around you. Mark Whitchurch-Stouffville

"excellent information, fast paced, always kept my attention. Enjoyed the training perspective of a former MOL inspector and how they see things"  P.C. Mount Pleasant

"Very informative, Great Course Thank You!  P.A Stouffville

"This has been the best supervisor course to date" C.W. 407

"Well spoken, Good information, I came out with a view view and better understanding of keeping notes and what is expected of me in my job." Ken Cambridge

"Excellent instructor, relevant material, excellent training for our unionized lead hand staff" Mark Cambridge

"Exactly what I was looking for. Wanted to know what to include in note taking and proactive approaches. M.B 407

"Extremely informative information! Excellent facilitator of the course. Very good presentation and handouts. I would recommend this course to all supervisors. Overall - Great information on supervisor responsibilities!" G.M Forterra Brick

Book this course today contact Kevin at 647-444-0700


Full-Time On-Site Safety Management Services

A one stop safety professional.

A full time worksite/workplace consultant who works on behalf of your company to assist in the implementation of your safety program.



Workplace Inspection & Due Diligence Document Monitoring

This is by far the most important aspect of your company's safety program.

We call it "boots on the ground" safety. Our Consultant will visit your worksite and conduct inspections, work with Supervisors and Workers at the ground level to implement your safety program and monitor due diligence.

Accident & Incident Investigations to Determine Root Cause

Help prevent re-occurrence through correct identification of root cause and provide effective corrective actions.

MOL stop Work Order, Compliance & Order Appeal Assistance

Loss of production can be extremely expensive and a stop work order issued by the Ministry of Labour is serious business.

Workplace Safety Management

Cobalt Safety Consulting Inc. has experienced safety advisors to meet your company’s safety management system needs

Our on-site safety consultants are on your job full time to assist in the implementation, documentation and compliance with your Health and Safety Program and due diligence requirements. They will work with your team to bring health and safety management principles into your workplace and provide a positive leadership style for your team.

Workplace Safety Audits

A Workplace audit of your health and safety system and program that will help identify any areas of concern.

Our experienced team will perform a full audit of your site, to help identify any areas that are lacking or need immediate improvement.

Health & Safety Program Gap Analysis

Identify missing elements and update training documentation.

A Health and Safety Gap analysis of your program is done to identify any missing elements, training documentation or due diligence information.

Sub Contractor Pre-Qualification

Sub Contractors are employers and therefore have requirements to meet a safety standard.

We review the qualifications of a sub contractor and help you determine if there is a health and safety risk.

Joint Health & Safety Committee Start Up and Implementation

The establishment of a functioning Joint Health and Safety Committee

Provide assistance with the Joint Health and Safety committee.

Monitor the JHSC legal requirements.

ISNetworld Assistance

Cobalt Safety Consulting Inc. can help you achieve "A" ratings with ISNetworld.

By participating in ISNetworld your company can bid and be selected by more client buyers. The ISNet process can be time consuming, overwhelming and hard to navigate. We will work with you to meet your client's requirement and ISNetworld requirements.

The 30 Day Complete Safety Turn Around Program

We will work closely with you to help your company turn its safety program around.

We will provide a specialized safety consultant that for 30 days will work to identify gaps hazards and training deficencies, implement a new program or your existing program, provide training or identify training needs and consult with your company.

 It requires dedication and commitment on your behalf. This is a true investment in health and safety and in 30days we will help turn your safety program around.