Cobalt Safety is thrilled to announce that our Supervisor Due Diligence Program has been renewed and awarded the esteemed Gold Seal Accreditation by the Canadian Construction Association (CCA).

According to the CCA’s approval letter, “The Program commends Cobalt Safety for recognizing the need for defining and providing quality construction management training… Thank you Cobalt Safety, for your strong support of construction management education.”

Our Supervisor Due Diligence Program forms a strong foundation for ANY safety system, protecting both workers and the company from daily hazards. In the last 10 years it has been taught in all Provinces and Industries in Canada.

Taught by former Ministry of Labour investigators, our program offers insights from the insiders - the people who have done the investigations and enforced the regulations (laid the charges) and played the game at the highest legal levels of safety management systems. The course empowers supervisors, executives, project managers, and companies with the real-world knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complex landscape of workplace safety.

It’s a must for anyone in any supervisory position. Due diligence is the key to any successful program and Cobalt’s Gold Seal Program directly addresses the new and potentially devastating liabilities, fines, and prison terms now facing supervisors, company executives and provides practical solutions to remove the fear others tend to promote.

Filled with real life stories and paradigm shifting examples, the course details the true costs of safety and teaches you not just the meaning of due diligence but provides practical strategies on how to achieve it to protect yourself in court, and your workers on-site. Visit our dedicated website and find out why some of the biggest brand names in construction and industries require their supervisors take Supervisor Due Diligence with Cobalt Safety™

We extend our gratitude to the Canadian Construction Association for recognizing the effectiveness and importance of comprehensive safety leadership training.