Effective Event Safety Management is possible with Cobalt Safety Event Safety Orientations in Burlington

Event Safety Management

Ensure a seamless and secure event experience with our event safety services!


From pre-event contractor vetting to on-site safety management, we've got you covered at every stage. Let our experts take care of all the safety concerns, so you can focus on delivering a memorable event. Contact us now to make your event a resounding success!

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We provide Event Safety Orientations in Burlington to ensure effective safety management at events

Health and Safety for the workers at your event begins before the contract is awarded to your contractors. Your contractors will need to be vetted to make sure that the ones you choose have thought ahead about workers’ safety.

Getting a copy of your Health & Safety Program distributed to the contractors before they arrive at the site lets them know what is expected of them to keep your event safe.

During the Build, Run-of-Event and Strike you will need “Boots on the Ground” to manage the Health and Safety of your workers/volunteers.

Your job is to produce a great event but you may not be an expert in Safety so all of these additional tasks can be overwhelming…Cobalt Safety can help with all of this and more.

Jason Gordon, our Event Sector Lead, has provided Occupational Safety Management for several large events including Ottawa Bluesfest, RedBull Crashed Ice and La Machine to name a few.

Although we don’t specialize in Extreme Weather Management or Crowd Safety Jason Gordon has training and experience in these additional measures which just helps to strengthen your production team.

Jason Gordon is a member of the Scott Johnson (Radiohead) Working Group which is working toward making changes to both standard practices and legislation to help prevent tragic accidents in the event sector. Jason also is proud to be a member of the Board of Directors for Event Safety Alliance Canada.

Services we provide:

  • Event Safety Orientations
  • Onsite Safety Management Services
  • Health and Safety Policies and Programs
  • Subcontractor Vetting Services
  • Stage erection compliance inspections and consulting
  • Event Safety planning, crowd safety and monitoring services and many other services
  • Give us a call, we look forward to assisting with your event health and safety.

Our Services


  • Workplace Safety Management Professional Staffing


    Protect your workforce and your business with our specialized safety management team. From construction sites to oil pipelines, we seamlessly integrate with your operations to conduct risk assessments, ensure compliance, and manage documentation.

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  • Safety Training & Education


    We offer comprehensive safety training courses to secure the well-being of your employees and business. From Supervisor Due Diligence and Working at Heights to Emergency First Response and Elevated Work Platform Training, we provide quality instruction and real-world insights. Our certified trainers emphasize practical understanding to ensure that learned skills translate to workplace safety.

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  • ISO 45001:2018 - Health and Safety Program Development


    We specialize in developing and implementing ISO 45001:2018 health and safety programs for businesses of all sizes. From a comprehensive review of your current policies to assistance with certification, we're committed to enhancing your safety culture, compliance, and performance.

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  • Workplace Compliance Inspections


    Ensure a secure workplace with our comprehensive compliance inspections. Trained by former Ministry of Labour Inspectors and equipped with hands-on experience, we identify and address hazards early on, minimizing risks and avoiding costly consequences. We carefully document our inspections, indicate corrective measures, and support your on-site personnel.

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  • Professional Workplace Accident Investigations


    Let us help you navigate the complexities of serious accidents, minimizing the risks of fines or legal consequences. Our Canadian team comprises four professional workplace accident investigators with over 575 critical or fatality-completed investigations. We work with some of the best law firms in Canada to protect your interests.

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  • Ministry Of Labour Compliance Orders Assistance


    With two former Ministry of Labour inspectors on staff, with over 34 years of combined investigative experience, we have the immediate resources to address any situation imposed by the Ministry of Labour. Our experience helps you take the necessary steps to achieve compliance, minimizing losses from downtime. Whether it's a violation, contravention of the Act or related regulations, or even a questionable interpretation by a Ministry Inspector, we provide the support you need.

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