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We offer Workplace Safety Consulting in Toronto, helping businesses maintain safe working environments

Cobalt Safety: Expert Workplace Safety Consulting Services in Toronto

Empower your business with top-tier workplace safety consulting in Toronto.


Our experienced team ensures a secure environment, minimizing risks and maximizing compliance. Contact us today to elevate your Occupational Health and Safety standards.

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At Cobalt Safety, we offer comprehensive Health and Safety solutions to businesses in Toronto

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At Cobalt Safety, we offer comprehensive health and safety solutions to businesses in Toronto. Our experienced team of safety professionals is dedicated to ensuring workplace safety and compliance, providing expert consulting services to various industries. By partnering with us, you gain access to topnotch safety expertise, tailored safety programs, and on-site safety management. Trust Cobalt Safety for reliable and results-driven workplace safety consulting services in Toronto to protect your most valuable assets

  • Expert occupational health and safety consulting for businesses in Toronto
  • Tailored ISO 45001:2018 policy and program development
  • On-site workplace safety management
  • Professional workplace accident investigations and reporting
  • Comprehensive safety training and education programs
  • Assistance with MOL compliance orders
  • Workplace compliance inspections and risk assessments
  • Subcontractor vetting and safety management services
  • Event safety planning and management
  • Access to a team of seasoned safety professionals with diverse industry experience.
  • Cobalt Safety offers Professional Staffing services for Workplace Safety Management in Toronto

    Workplace Safety
    Prevention Programs™


    Ensure the safety of your workforce and business with Cobalt Safety. From risk assessments and compliance monitoring to data analysis...

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  • Workplace
    Compliance inspections


    Are you confident in your site's safety? We're ready to go the extra mile, even if it means arriving by helicopter! Our seasoned...

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  • Cobalt Safety specializes in the development of Health and Safety Programs in Toronto

    ISO 45001:2018 -
    Health and Safety Program Development


    Our CEO Kevin Brown has always taught that a health and safety program has two purposes within an organization...

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  • Safety
    Training & Education


    Engaging, provocative, and fun are some of the words used to describe our trainers! ...

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  • Professional Workplace
    Accident Investigations


    Cobalt Safety has 4 professional workplace accident investigators on its Canadian team with over 575 critical or fatality...

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  • Event


    Health and Safety for the workers at your event begins before the contract is awarded to your contractors. Your....

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  • Ministry of Labour Compliance
    Orders Assistance


    Loss of production can be extremely expensive and a stop-work order issued by the Ministry of Labour is serious business...

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