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Expert analysis and thorough Workplace Accident Investigations are Cobalt Safety strong suits

Professional Workplace Accident Investigations

Facing a workplace accident and require expert investigation and reporting? Don't leave it to chance with inexperienced investigators.


At Cobalt Safety, our team of professional workplace accident investigators have conducted over 575 critical or fatality investigations, providing valuable insights to companies like yours. We work alongside some of the best law firms in Canada, ensuring thoroughness and accuracy in our findings. Contact us now to safeguard your employees and business from serious consequences.

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Cobalt Safety is recognized for its proficiency in carrying out proficient Workplace Accident Investigations

The worst has happened and the Police and Ministry of Labour are on site


Do not leave this up to those who have never done professional workplace accident investigations before. It’s not a training ground. Serious accidents can have serious consequences from large monetary fines to prison terms.

Cobalt Safety has 4 professional workplace accident investigators on its Canadian team with over 575 critical or fatality completed investigations.

We work with some of the best law firms in Canada.

Investigations cannot reverse an incident but we can assist your company in navigating the complexities and finding the details.

Remember it is always best to call us long before to prevent these incidents from occurring in the first place

Workplace Accident Investigations: Essential for Every Business

Cobalt Safety offers expert Workplace Accident Investigations to help businesses across Canada maintain safe working environments and comply with occupational health and safety regulations. Our team of Professional Workplace Accident Investigators is equipped with the expertise and tools necessary to conduct thorough investigations and analysis of workplace incidents.

Accidents at work can have significant repercussions, from personal injuries and loss of life to financial losses and damage to a company's reputation. Cobalt Safety's Workplace Accident Investigations are crucial for identifying the causes of such incidents and preventing future occurrences.

Our approach involves a detailed examination of the accident scene, interviews with witnesses, and a review of workplace practices and compliance standards. This comprehensive methodology ensures that all factors contributing to the accident are uncovered and addressed.

Through our Professional Workplace Accident Investigators, businesses can gain insights into underlying risk factors and system failures that may not be apparent immediately. We provide actionable recommendations to strengthen your safety protocols, thus mitigating the risk of future accidents and ensuring a safer workplace for all employees.

How Cobalt Safety Conducts Thorough Workplace Accident Investigations

The process of Workplace Accident Investigations at Cobalt Safety begins with an immediate response to the incident. Our Professional Workplace Accident Investigators swiftly mobilize to secure the scene and gather crucial evidence before it can be disturbed. Following the initial assessment, our team conducts detailed investigations which include collecting physical evidence, examining equipment involved, and analyzing work processes and compliance with safety regulations. We employ modern investigative techniques and tools to ensure comprehensive data collection and analysis.

The findings from the investigation are then compiled into a clear, concise report that outlines the causes and contributing factors of the accident. This report is instrumental for businesses to understand the gaps in their safety practices and to implement corrective measures effectively. Throughout the investigation process, Cobalt Safety maintains open communication with all stakeholders involved, providing updates and involving them in discussions about findings and recommendations.

  • Reduction in workplace accidents through proactive risk identification
  • Compliance with health and safety regulations, reducing legal liabilities
  • Enhanced safety culture and employee confidence in safety measures

Our Workplace Accident Investigations service directly addresses the needs of businesses to not only respond to accidents but to prevent them. By understanding the root causes of workplace incidents, companies can implement more effective safety measures, thereby reducing the risk of future accidents and ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

Cobalt Safety is known for its great Safety Training Courses in Burlington, Ontario

For businesses, the consequences of workplace accidents extend beyond immediate injuries. They can lead to significant financial losses, legal liabilities, and damage to reputation. Our Professional Workplace Accident Investigators help mitigate these risks by providing a clear understanding of how and why an accident occurred and by recommending preventive strategies tailored to your specific operational needs.

Moreover, our investigative process helps reinforce a culture of safety in the workplace. By showing a commitment to thoroughly investigating and learning from safety incidents, businesses can enhance their credibility and trust among employees, which is crucial for long-term safety success.

Our Services


  • Workplace Safety Prevention Programs™


    Protect your workforce and your business with our specialized safety management team. From construction sites to oil pipelines, we seamlessly integrate with your operations to conduct risk assessments, ensure compliance, and manage documentation.

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  • Safety Training & Education


    We offer comprehensive safety training courses to secure the well-being of your employees and business. From Supervisor Due Diligence and Working at Heights to Emergency First Response and Elevated Work Platform Training, we provide quality instruction and real-world insights. Our certified trainers emphasize practical understanding to ensure that learned skills translate to workplace safety.

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  • ISO 45001:2018 - Health and Safety Program Development


    We specialize in developing and implementing ISO 45001:2018 health and safety programs for businesses of all sizes. From a comprehensive review of your current policies to assistance with certification, we're committed to enhancing your safety culture, compliance, and performance.

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  • Workplace Compliance Inspections


    Ensure a secure workplace with our comprehensive compliance inspections. Trained by former Ministry of Labour Inspectors and equipped with hands-on experience, we identify and address hazards early on, minimizing risks and avoiding costly consequences. We carefully document our inspections, indicate corrective measures, and support your on-site personnel.

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  • Event Safety


    We prioritize health and safety at every stage of your event. From vetting contractors to on-site management, we offer comprehensive support to manage the health and safety of your volunteers/workers. Our services include safety orientations, policy creation, inspections, and more. With a focus on solid preparation and real-time oversight, we assist in keeping your event safe and compliant.

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  • Ministry Of Labour Compliance Orders Assistance


    With two former Ministry of Labour inspectors on staff, with over 34 years of combined investigative experience, we have the immediate resources to address any situation imposed by the Ministry of Labour. Our experience helps you take the necessary steps to achieve compliance, minimizing losses from downtime. Whether it's a violation, contravention of the Act or related regulations, or even a questionable interpretation by a Ministry Inspector, we provide the support you need.

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