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Download our guide on Understanding ISO 45001: The Benefits for Your Business. Discover how ISO 45001 can safeguard your workforce, streamline your operations, and bolster your company's reputation. Download now and equip your company for a safer, more productive future.

  • Ensure the Safety of your Workforce and Business with Cobalt Safety in Burlington

    Workplace Safety
    Prevention Programs™


    Ensure the safety of your workforce and business with Cobalt Safety. From risk assessments and compliance monitoring to data analysis...

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  • Cobalt Safety is your trusted partner for comprehensive Workplace Compliance Inspections

    Compliance inspections


    Are you confident in your site's safety? We're ready to go the extra mile, even if it means arriving by helicopter! Our seasoned...

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  • At Cobalt Safety, we specialize in the development of Health and Safety Programs in Burlington

    ISO 45001:2018 -
    Health and Safety Program Development


    Our CEO Kevin Brown has always taught that a health and safety program has two purposes within an organization...

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  • At Cobalt Safety, we provide Safety Training and Education to ensure a safer workplace

    Training & Education


    Engaging, provocative, and fun are some of the words used to describe our trainers! ...

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  • Cobalt Safety conducts professional Workplace Accident Investigations to identify root causes

    Professional Workplace
    Accident Investigations


    Cobalt Safety has 4 professional workplace accident investigators on its Canadian team with over 575 critical or fatality...

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  • Cobalt Safety ensures Event Safety to mitigate risks and provide a secure environment for your gatherings



    Health and Safety for the workers at your event begins before the contract is awarded to your contractors. Your....

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  • Cobalt Safety assists with Ministry of Labour Compliance Orders for enhanced workplace safety

    Ministry of Labour Compliance
    Orders Assistance


    Loss of production can be extremely expensive and a stop-work order issued by the Ministry of Labour is serious business...

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Health & Safety Program Development


We help design and implement comprehensive health & safety programs tailored to your needs. Our services include ISO45001 and COR support, ensuring your business stays compliant and efficient.

Across Sectors


Our experience spans various sectors, including construction, manufacturing, food processing, entertainment, mining, and healthcare. No matter your industry, we'll equip your business with the right health & safety protocols.

Cobalt Safety is an ISO 45001 Certified company


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Introduce yourself to the Chief Prevention Officer at Cobalt Safety, your expert in Workplace Safety

Chief Prevention Officer Recognized Employer


With Cobalt Safety on your team, you’ll have access to some of the best safety professionals in Canada. We’ll help you navigate the rules, regulations and the ever-changing environment of health and safety. We’ll make it easy for you to understand, easy to implement and support you all along the way. As your health and safety partner, we are there for you and your employees, letting you concentrate on the important part of building your business.

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“Walker Industries strives for the highest Health & Safety standard”

and have engaged industry leaders Cobalt Safety Consulting Inc. as our preferred training partner due to their vast experience, knowledge, and understanding of vital Health & Safety topics that affect our operations.

Walker Industries

Tom Paleczny, Vice President HR

“Working with Shannon Weir who was the Cobalt”

Safety representative, Shannon was very knowledgeable of the Act and procedures that needed to be covered to ensure Ferrero followed all the guidelines for Health and Safety during construction.

Ferrero Canada

Jim Reuter Maintenance Coordinator

“DIVCO Canada Limited has used Cobalt Safety to provide Safety”

Management services on a large addition to a Distribution Centre in Cornwall, Ontario. Cobalt has provided guidance to our Project Management team regarding all of our health and safety needs. I am happy to recommend the services of Cobalt Safety.


Christopher Dowling

“Cobalt Safety’s ability to manage the complexities”

of a large facility such as Molson Coors in Toronto,~ has been a key success criteria in our capital projects.

Nicholas Chan Molson Coors Canada

“Kevin Brown, representing Cobalt, has been an invaluable asset”

to CAMH in proactively providing advice and practical solutions to a variety of issues that faces the hospital from the point of Health and Safety and the wellbeing of our staff, clients and visitors.


“Cobalt Safety Consulting Inc. is an integral member of our”

association especially with respect to their involvement in our various Health and Safety Committees and forums. Cobalt Safety Consulting, with Kevin Brown at the helm, is relied upon by many of our members for providing accurate, unfettered guidance relating to health and safety.


Giovanni Cautillo

Clients We Work With


Cobalt Safety provides professional Workplace Safety Consulting services in Burlington

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