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For firms looking to implement efficient policies, we offers a Health and Safety Policy Program

ISO 45001:2018: Health And Safety Policy Program Development, Implementation, And Certification Assistance

Creating an effective health and safety program can be complex, but you don't have to do it alone.


Our team at Cobalt Safety is well-versed in the development and implementation of ISO45001 Health and Safety programs. Whether you're aiming for ISO45001 certification or want to enhance your workplace safety, we tailor programs to meet your specific business needs. We take pride in our own ISO45001 Certification and aim to help businesses of all sizes achieve the same standard. Contact us today, and let's make your workplace safer together.

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The biggest challenge to creating a health and safety program is knowing what you are trying to achieve at the end of the program, before you even begin. -K.Brown

Our CEO Kevin Brown has always taught that a health and safety program has two purposes within an organization “it should protect the health and safety of the workers, and provide due diligence for the company in the event of an incident or any health and safety litigation issue.”

There are many different methods of establishing a health and safety program and ISO45001 is one of the best.

Here are some of the key pillars your program requires

  • It needs to reflect your business and your operations,
  • Provide information and instruction relating to your business operations,
  • Provide your company with a documented position of due diligence and,
  • Be written in a manner that can be easily implemented and easily understood by your workers.

At Cobalt Safety we are experts in writing, establishing and implementing ISO45001 health and safety programs that reflect your business and can be easily implemented with your workers.

We also work with smaller companies who do not wish to achieve the designation but still want an excellent health and safety program for their company.

Cobalt Safety has assisted many companies in developing their program and achieving the International Standards Organizations ISO45001:2018 designation for health and safety. Designed for companies of ALL sizes and sectors, ISO45001 is World’s Standard for safety and is recognized by 68 countries around the world, in Canada it is accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development and is the only health and safety management system we recommend to our clients.

Safety is important and at Cobalt Safety we ourselves are an ISO45001 Certified Company and an Ontario Chief Prevention Officer recognized safe employer.

We have walked the path and can provide you the path to ISO45001 health and safety implementation for your company.

Give us a call we can assist with your ISO45001 health and safety program needs!

To help companies improve Workplace Safety, Cobalt Safety provides a Health and Safety Policy Program

Our Trusted Professionals…


  • Perform a comprehensive review of your current Policy and Program
  • Explain the observations and recommend improvements and required changes to meet your needs.
  • Explain the requirements of government regulations, the ISO45001 standard or COR
  • Guide you to the implementation of your Policy and Program
  • Assist with ISO45001 implementation and certification.
  • Help improve your safety culture and performance.

Discover How Our Health and Safety Program Development Services Can Benefit You

At Cobalt Safety, we specialize in Health and Safety Program Development, offering tailored solutions to ensure your workplace meets and exceeds regulatory standards. Our expert team understands the complexities of Safety Program Implementation, and we are committed to transforming the safety landscape of your business. Navigating the intricate world of workplace safety can be challenging. With our strategic Safety Policy Development, we simplify the legal jargon and provide you with clear, actionable plans. Our approach not only helps in complying with the laws but also in fostering a safety culture that promotes employee well-being and productivity.

Cobalt Safety is known for its great Safety Training Courses in Burlington, Ontario

Implementing a robust Health and Safety Program Development not only minimizes the risk of workplace accidents but also enhances your company’s reputation. By choosing Cobalt Safety, you choose a partner who is dedicated to your safety needs from start to finish. Our services are designed to be comprehensive. From assessing your current safety protocols to developing new policies and ensuring their effective implementation, our team covers all bases. The benefits of a well-crafted Safety Program Implementation are immense, ranging from reduced insurance costs to better employee retention.

Choose Cobalt Safety for unparalleled expertise in Health and Safety Program Development and Safety Program Implementation. Let us help you build a safer and more compliant workplace.

Optimize your workplace safety with our strategic Safety Policy Development.

  • Enhanced compliance with safety regulations
  • Reduced risk of workplace accidents and related costs
  • Improved employee morale and productivity
  • Stronger reputation as a safe and responsible employer

Our Services


  • Workplace Safety Prevention Programs™


    Protect your workforce and your business with our specialized safety management team. From construction sites to oil pipelines, we seamlessly integrate with your operations to conduct risk assessments, ensure compliance, and manage documentation.

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  • Safety Training & Education


    We offer comprehensive safety training courses to secure the well-being of your employees and business. From Supervisor Due Diligence and Working at Heights to Emergency First Response and Elevated Work Platform Training, we provide quality instruction and real-world insights. Our certified trainers emphasize practical understanding to ensure that learned skills translate to workplace safety.

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  • Workplace Compliance Inspections


    Ensure a secure workplace with our comprehensive compliance inspections. Trained by former Ministry of Labour Inspectors and equipped with hands-on experience, we identify and address hazards early on, minimizing risks and avoiding costly consequences. We carefully document our inspections, indicate corrective measures, and support your on-site personnel.

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  • Professional Workplace Accident Investigations


    Let us help you navigate the complexities of serious accidents, minimizing the risks of fines or legal consequences. Our Canadian team comprises four professional workplace accident investigators with over 575 critical or fatality-completed investigations. We work with some of the best law firms in Canada to protect your interests.

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  • Event Safety


    We prioritize health and safety at every stage of your event. From vetting contractors to on-site management, we offer comprehensive support to manage the health and safety of your volunteers/workers. Our services include safety orientations, policy creation, inspections, and more. With a focus on solid preparation and real-time oversight, we assist in keeping your event safe and compliant.

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  • Ministry Of Labour Compliance Orders Assistance


    With two former Ministry of Labour inspectors on staff, with over 34 years of combined investigative experience, we have the immediate resources to address any situation imposed by the Ministry of Labour. Our experience helps you take the necessary steps to achieve compliance, minimizing losses from downtime. Whether it's a violation, contravention of the Act or related regulations, or even a questionable interpretation by a Ministry Inspector, we provide the support you need.

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